• Asya Grigorova Tsonkova Postgraduate, University of National and World Economy "Economics of Transport and Energy" Department, Sofia, Bulgaria
Keywords: transport enterprise, transport services, competitiveness, staff management, staff fluctuation


The dynamic transport business and the ever-growing competition on the market for transport services increase the significance not just of staff management but of effective staff management as well. The staff is an inseparable part of both resources and enterprise structure however, it should be underlined that it is the most complex and most difficult one to manage, plan, organize and control. The main key factor for the success of a transport enterprise is its employees and workers. Given the ever-growing supply of transport services, customer criteria regarding their quality grow as well. European transport firms constantly strive to implement special approaches, principles and methods in the management of human resources with the purpose of improving the quality of the services they offer. However, one of the primary and an especially serious issue related to staff management in transport firms remains staff fluctuation. It is an essential part of financial relations and an indispensable component of the complex PR system. The present report studies the issues related to staff management and fluctuation within transport firms.


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