• Irena Malolli University of Tirana/Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, Albania
Keywords: data communication, pricing policies, broadband, data traffic


Mobile data traffic has dramatically increased during the recent years. The high demand for data communication increased the challenges for network operators. Communication Network operators are investing to provide more capacities and they are looking for innovative ways to cope with increased market demand for broadband data communication.

The liberalization of the telecommunication market and the competition put the operators under pressure to keep high quality services with low cost. New pricing policies are introduced in order to maintain market share and keep their users in a competitive market. The battle with OTT makes the situation more critical.

This article will analyze the situation in the field of data communication, compare different instruments which are used or are under development in different countries and in Albania. The article will analyze the pricing policies used for data communication as a solution to cope with the high demand of data traffic. The article will identify some critical issues on these practices, draw conclusions and give some recommendations on the proper ways to keep the right balance between technical and commercial solutions and user experience/satisfaction.


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