• Peter Gallo Faculty of management, Prešov University, Slovakia
  • Romana Píchová Faculty of management, Prešov University, Slovakia
  • Anna Šenková Faculty of management, Prešov University, Slovakia
  • Daniela Matušíková Faculty of management, Prešov University, Slovakia
  • Jana Mitríková Faculty of management, Prešov University, Slovakia
Keywords: management audit, model 7S, Adaptation model 7S, effectiveness, efficiency


The proper management of an enterprise involves a set of complex activities that, in the current rapidly changing world, require adoption of modern market requirements. This paper describes a study concerning management audits.The study aims to identify and evaluate the specific techniques that are useful for obtaining information for audits in evaluating management, and examines modifications and applications of the model by McKinsey, ‘model 7S’, with an ‘IFE Matrix’. As practice shows, until now, the ‘model 7S’ approach is the most frequently used tool to assess the current state of management executives in business. The proposed models in the paper’s conclusion can be used individually or by combining two separate models to create a ‘two-staged adaptive model 7S’.


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