• Ludmila Bahmane RISEBA University, Riga
Keywords: marketing management, turbulent business environment, “consumer’s demand for creativity” matrix, cluster, matrix, screening analysis.


This work provides an analysis of marketing solutions and developments algorithm for Latvian enterprises entering into foreign markets based on an example of 185 studies made under the supervision of the author. The proposed algorithm is a part of the pedagogical activities in higher education institution of Latvia (RISEBA) over the last 10 years and it suggests the training of new marketing solutions development techniques in conditions of the turbulent business environment. The application of the proposed algorithm assumes the use of modern marketing technologies, including matrix methods, cluster, and screening analysis. The algorithm proposed is being analyzed on the example of Latvian enterprises. This work describes the use of the author’s proposed matrix of “consumer’s demand for creativity (novelty),” that is relevant in the development of creative marketing management solutions of such business spheres, where the novelty of products (services) is an important competitive advantage. The high versatility, simplicity and availability is proven for mastering and using the proposed algorithm.


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