• Umut Ozkaya Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Konya
  • Levent Seyfi Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Konya
Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, Absorbing Boundary Condition, HFSS, Particle Swarm Optimization


In this study, the absorbing boundary condition is modelled and analyzed by particle swarm optimization for antenna designs. Two pieces of circular and rectangular microstrip patch antennas are designed for results by means of High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) simulation program. These antennas are implemented by printed circuit board technologies. The results of measurements and simulation performed for the antenna determined the optimal absorbing boundary distance. . In order to be closer with simulation and measurement results, data set is generated by varying in absorbing boundary size. Average square error between simulation and measurement data is necessary to be optimized as an objective function. For this reason, optimization algorithm based on swarm intelligence is preferred to be minimized the error function. Thanks to the results of measurements and simulation performed with the antenna, optimal absorbing boundary distance is determined by Particle Swarm Optimization.


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