• Kristína Nagyová Comenius University in Bratislava
  • Terézia Harčaríková Comenius University in Bratislava
Keywords: oncological disease, family, incurable disease, individuals with an incurable disease


The issue of incurable diseases, today, represents a relatively current and urgent topic because, despite the development of medicine and comprehensive care for individuals with an incurable disease, there is a continual increase in the number of such diseases associated with secondary problems that have a crucial bearing on the quality of life for the individuals and their family in both a broader and narrower context. An important role in the comprehensive care of individuals with an incurable disease is special education, because in addition to education it deals with the stigma attached to the care and education of families with a child with an incurable disease. The paper presents the partial results of research focused on the problems of individuals with oncological disease in the context of special education. Research data were obtained by a variety of methods, where the most crucial were the semi-structured interview method and the method of narration. These methods were applied on individuals with oncological disease who had been diagnosed with cancer during the time of schooling. The obtained data were processed by qualitative analysis. The results indicate that this issue requires greater consideration.


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