• Hermína Mareková Danubius University
Keywords: gender-based violence, abuse, competencies, legislation, reporting


The article focuses on an attempt to answer questions concerning domestic violence in accordance with the epistemology in contemporary scientific research. The phenomenology of violence is defined with respect to the superficial as well as the essential side of the phenomena. The problems are covered with respect to interdisciplinary relations We endeavor to open a broader view. The underlying research represents an alternative approach, attempting to reach a cumulative view based on the data acquired from various contexts. In social science research, it is important to look at the social reality not only through the numbers of quantitative research, because social reality is constructed in various ways. The issues of elimination of violence against women in Slovakia are entrenched in the program of various institutions. Based on the performed analysis, inconsistencies in the approach to providing assistance are identified as the most important problem. The paper deals with the institutional issues persisting in dealing with situations and identifies the fundamental failures of social intervention that still exist, among other reasons, due to the stereotypical, discriminatory perceptions of the issues by the competent.


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