• Anna Malinova University of Plovdiv „Paisii Hilendarski“
  • Olga Rahneva University of Plovdiv „Paisii Hilendarski“
Keywords: e-testing, parameterization, dynamic questions, automatic generation, mathematica, programming


This paper describes a computer algebra-aided generation of two types of English language tests, which further develops our recent work in this domain. The computer algebra system Wolfram Mathematica significantly advances the process of English language testing and assessment. The automatic generation of questions allows us to create a large set of equivalent questions of a certain topic based on a small amount of input values. This reduces authoring time during test creation, avails application of equal criteria and a fair assessment, and decreases the influence of subjective factors. In our previous work, we proposed methods for automatic generation of English language test questions. These were aimed at evaluating the students’ knowledge of lexical and grammatical structures found in the text using test questions that involved matching words and their meaning, matching parts of the whole, and finding synonyms, antonyms, and generalizations or specializations of words. This paper provides new methods for the automatic generation of English language test questions. This includes generating questions for testing the students’ knowledge of adverbs and adjectives, as well as word formation, especially with negative forms of adjectives.


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