• Tomáš Pavlenko University of Žilina
  • Ján Dvorský University of Žilina
Keywords: municipal plan, risk, assessment, QRAC


Risks arise during municipal planning activities, the negative impacts of which can influence the lives of local residents. The importance of municipal planning lies in the proposed material and the coordination and timing of activities influencing the environment, cultural-historical values of an area, territorial development, and creation of landscapes in line with principles of long-term sustainable development. By implementing risk management with an emphasis on objectively selecting and assessing risks in the preparation and creation of a municipal plan, an increase in the safety of the territory as a whole is expected. Municipal planning authorities project specific intentions for an area, while coordinating the public’s interest. The results of our qualitative assessment of selected risks identified those that were most significant when creating a municipal plan and which require foremost consideration.


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