• Stephen John Beaumont Centro de Tecnología para el Desarrollo (CENTED), Buenos Aires
Keywords: civil society organizations, state funding, social profitability


For Latin American states, it is common practice to channel public funds to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to meet various social needs. However, the impact of this investment is not well understood. There is a need for a deeper knowledge of the issues, such as the components that are being financed and how CSOs use the resources. Also, a better understanding of the impact on the individual beneficiaries of the CSOs is necessary. These issues need resolving to move towards optimizing the use of State resources for the common benefit of society. The main hypothesis of this study is that, although the State generally invests a large amount of funding into CSOs, this funding is inefficiently distributed. A more efficient State funding for CSOs, in terms of positive social impact, would make these organizations more socially profitable.


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