• Alma Karasaliu Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Education and Philology, Fan S. Noli University
Keywords: translation procedures, cultural differences, naturalness, adaptation


Metaphors have become the focus of a wide variety of discussions in the field of translation theory and practice. They are important rhetorical devices with cognitive function that have been thoroughly studied and considered important by various scholars. Taking into consideration the difficulties implied with identifying and translating such devices, this article aims to identify the procedures employed in translating some of the metaphors present in “A Tale of a Tub” and “Gulliver’s Travels”, two of the most prominent satires of Jonathan Swift. In this context, based on the translation procedures suggested by Raymond van den Broeck, special attention is given to the formal characteristics and efficiency of the relevant devices in the target language and the degree to which the originality of the message intended by the author in the source language is conserved and conveyed in the target language, with focus on the culture compatibility between both target and source languages. Finally, the high level of naturalness and presence of various translation procedures employed in the conveyance of metaphors in both works is stated, emphasizing the use of an additional approach, not mentioned in either the procedures suggested by van den Broeck or those suggested by Newmark.


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