• Florina Irina Dima University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, Bucharest
Keywords: autobiography, high-school pupil, manipulation, inter-disciplinary study, didactics, memory


The present paper aims to underline the important role of introducing contemporary reading of autobiographical texts in high-school literature classes in Romania. It mentions the concepts of Shah Saria, Debra Edwards, and Linda Andersen, and the definitions of autobiography by Philippe Lejeune, Isabel Duran, and Karl Weintraub. For demonstration, it examines the text of the Romanian writer Ana Blandiana (a pseudonym of Otilia Valeria Coman), namely the False Treaty of Manipulation, published in 2013. The didactic generosity of this book is demonstrated with mention of the thematic stratification and uniqueness of the text, and by discussing the textual reference to the Romanian contemporary history, the connections between topics within the book, and how these might serve the interest and preparedness of teenagers for their adult life. The didactic approach of the book content involves extra-, inter-, and across-textual questions, as well as detailed passages, themes, and secondary themes relevant to the study of autobiography.


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