• Adem Dreshaj University of “Haxhi Zeka”, Peja, Kosovo
  • Bedri Millaku University of “Haxhi Zeka”, Peja, Kosovo
  • Afrim Selimaj University of “Haxhi Zeka”, Peja, Kosovo
  • Fidan Feka University of “Hasan Pristina ”, Pristina , Kosovo
  • Muhamet Kelmendi University of “Haxhi Zeka”, Peja, Kosovo
Keywords: metals, food, ecosystems, economy


The waters of the oceans and seas play an important role in the hydrological cycle of the Earth. With Kosovo's economic development, increasing population developed many branches of industry, which caused pollution of rivers with heavy metals such as mine "Trepça", the treatment of agriculture products with pesticides and herbicides, eutrophication of lakes, transition metal in agricultural products, coming up ecological balance disorders. Uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, irresponsible treatment (industrial waste and sewage), has caused contamination above the permitted ecosystem with toxic elements such as: Hg, Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Mn, etc. Heavy metals in natural waters unpolluted behave low concentration (approximately 1μg / l); some of them are essential for enzymatic reactions. Increase their concentration as a result of industrial activities, often exceeds the allowed limit, causing serious changes to cosystems and tourist areas, to living organisms in natural aquatic systems. Ecological preservation of ecosystems from heavy metals is vital for the environment, food security and the preservation of ecological habitats which represents an economic cost in R. Kosovo.


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