• Viacheslav Nikolaevich Krylov Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Kаzan (Volga Region) Federal University
Keywords: dialogue, national, Russia, U.S., V. G. Korolenko, freedom, justice


The article is devoted to the analysis of various documentary and journalistic works by V. G. Korolenko on the theme of the U.S. The material consists of both published and unpublished works during the lifetime of the writer (travel notes, articles, correspondence, etc.). The analysis allows us to see in the works of Korolenko not just ethnographic travel essays but profound reflections on the two images of the world, Russian and American, that include the assessment of the pace of technological progress, ideals of freedom, respect for the individual, attitude toward pragmatism, and individualism. The theme of national awareness on the background of European and American realities is considered to be essential in the work of Korolenko.


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