• Madina Shegirbayeva
  • Ozhet Shegirbayev
Keywords: Kazakhstan, investment, investor, rights, protection


Since obtaining independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed an ‘open-door’ policy for foreign investors ready to invest in the country's economy. Over time, approaches and mechanisms that have created favorable conditions for investors have changed, along with appropriate amendments to the legislation. Currently, Kazakhstan is a rapidly developing country with great potential. According to the World Bank, out of 189 countries, Kazakhstan rated 50th in 2014 for ‘Doing Business’. Nonetheless, many foreign investors may rightly query about the guarantees for protecting investors' rights in this country, under the conditions they find here. This article aims to cover the  mechanisms for protecting the investors' rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account the recent changes in investment law, and based on a several case reviews.


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