• Zharilkassin Iskakov Almaty University of Energy and Communication


Steady-state oscillations of two-bearing console rotor with mass imbalance and disc misalignment are subject to study. External damping forces can be included into any motion equations. This enables us to generate amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency responses, and to describe rotor behavior at critical speeds. The combined mass imbalance and disc misalignment effect on rotor dynamics can be observed over the entire shaft speed range. Detection of residual phase shift angles at low speeds is practically relevant. This is extremely important for rotor balancing as low-speed measuring findings are used to evaluate mass eccentricity lines. To determine an unknown orientation of disc misalignment line, you can use phase shift angle values at high rotation speeds. The residual phase shift angles are studied depending on combined imbalance and shaft console value. Motion equations and all calculation formulas are given in a compact and dimensionless form.


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