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One of the key questions in medicine nowadays is the ethics and its maximum involvement into medical profession. The absence of ethics is very notable in public and professional relations. In spite of the fact that the pharmacy profession was separated from the medical profession in the 13th century by the emperor Frederic II, the ethics is involved into pharmacy study in minimum amount.  In the article there is presented the ethics inclusion into pharmacy study in 31 Universities of the European Union (EU). The method of our research was the analysis of 31 WebPages of Faculties of Pharmacy in the EU. The ethics is taught in the 45% study programmes. It is mostly a part of syllabus of master programme (Czech Republic, Estonia and Portugal) or bachelor programme (Slovakia). We have not managed to find a full study plan in 13% of study plans. As the ethics remains the crucial part of the pharmacy profession, there is a great importance of its involvement into the pharmacy study. The Code of Conduct for Pharmacy students with its seven principles shall be a part of ethical preparation of future pharmacists in Europe. 


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