• Inessa Bobrysheva
  • Svetlana Kashchenko


The endocrine and immune systems are interrelated via a bidirectional network.Thyroid-stimulating hormone plays a critical role as an endogenous mediator of immune activity. Purpose of study was to determine the dynamics of changes of thyrotropic cells ultrastructure in modeling immunostimulation in mature male rats by subcutaneous injection of imunofan in a dosage 0,7 mg/kg of body weight.The pituitary samples were taken on 1st, 7th, 15th, 30th and 60th, day after treatment and thenfixed in glutaraldehyde for electron microscope. The study showed theincrease of functional activity of the thyrotropic cells. The significant increase of areas of the cells and their nuclei, area of mitochondria and secretory granules was established since 7th day after imunofan treatment.


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