• Vasil Kolev Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv


This paper is focused on the cultural diversity of Plovdiv city, Bulgaria that has been developed and preserved during the town’s existence and its impact of the cultural life across the country that eventually led to the election of the city as European Capital of Culture 2019. Several events not well known to the general public were key factors for the preservation of the multicultural appearance and diversity of the city. A review of the four-year framework of programmes, projects and events implemented under the project “European Capital of Culture” funded by European Union is presented. The aim of the article is to present an analysis of the possibilities and the specifics in the development of projects from the creative industries in the city.

The article also reflects part of the results of an empirical survey conducted in the period 2017-2018 in the city of Plovdiv among 105 creative organizations through their managers. The purpose of the empirical study was to investigate the management profile of the art organizations, including the opportunities and capacities for developing and managing projects and using the European Union's creativity-related programs.