Tomiris Ismagambetova, Maratbek Gabdullin, Tlekkabul Ramazanov


This paper considers hydrogen, non-ideal plasma. The structural properties of such plasma were investigated. To study properties of plasma, effective potentials describing the interaction between particles were used. These potentials take into account various effects: screening and quantum-mechanical (diffraction and symmetry). The Pauli exclusion principle prohibits the simultaneous presence of two identical particles with a half-integer spin (in this case, electrons) in the same state. Pair correlation functions were calculated in hyper-netted chain approximation for the integral equation of the Ornstein-Zernike on the basis of the interaction potentials. The symmetry effect is more pronounced at short distances and for higher values of density. The antiparallel direction of the electron spins increases the probability of finding electrons at distance R from each other, the parallel direction decreases this probability due to the prohibition of the presence of two electrons with the same spins in the same state.


plasma, potential, structural

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Ramazanov, T.S., &Dzhumagulova, K.N. (2002). Effective screened potentials of strongly coupled semiclassical plasma. Phys. Plasmas, 9 (9), 3758-3761.

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