• Ievgen Mozhaiev Luhansk State Medical University
  • Natalia Mozhaieva Luhansk State Medical University
  • Yuliya Modna Trinity School of Medicine/ Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Daniel Khashchuk Trinity School of Medicine/ Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Keywords: child, gastrointestinal tract, bezoar, enterotomy


The majority of items which accidentally enter the organism significantly threaten the health and life of a child. The problem of bezoars in the practice of pediatric surgeons and emergency pediatric surgery remains relevant, as evidenced by this clinical case. As a clinical picture of bezoars is diverse and this pathology is quite rare in childhood each case with a bezoar represents a practical interest for pediatric surgeons. This case is interesting because it describes a clinical case involving a bezoar of a child’s small intestine with the clinical picture of an acute mechanical (obstructive) intestinal obstruction.


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