• Veselina Ivanova Trakia University – Stara Zagora
  • Maria Temnikova Trakia University – Stara Zagora
Keywords: divergence, intellect, developing education, solving of mathematical tasks, skills


INTRODUCTION: The question of intellect and its development is an important topic for contemporary pedagogy science. The approach to education from this point of view gives a better idea regarding its social-cultural and psycho-pedagogy dimensions.

AIM: The research study systematized and presented theoretical concepts as well as certain practical aspects based on the specifics of developing education through the process of solving mathematical tasks.

METHODS: To achieve the aim the following methods were used: analysis of the content; pedagogical observation; pedagogical experiment; method for determining the standard for success and level of correlation. 

FINDINGS AND RESULTS: The results received from the theoretical and the experimental work demonstrated that a divergence occurs through the process of solving mathematical tasks both as a conceptual foundation for the development of skills and a pre-requisite for assuring the so called “I-inclusion” of the student.

CONCLUSIОNS: The result of the research in the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects are focused on integration with the intellectual development of children and school students.


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