• Zornitsa Stoyanova Business faculty, UNWE
  • Hristina Harizanova-Bartos Business faculty, UNWE
  • Ivelina Petkova Finance and Accountancy faculty, UNWE
Keywords: water, project, sustainability, management, integration


 Issues related to the water sector and the achievement of an integrated sustainable management of water resources are of interest to many researchers and practitioners. The need for effective solutions for water resources requires the use of project management to achieve sustainability in the sector. The aim of the paper is to assess the possibilities for achieving sustainability through project management in the water sector and on this basis to propose recommendations for sustainable and integrated water resources management.

The paper presents a literature review of achieving sustainability in the water sector. The analytical part of the article includes an assessment of the respondents’ opinion for achieving sustainability in the water sector based on structured interviews. On this basis proposals for achieving sustainable and integrated water resource management through projects are made. The results in the paper are related to the determination of the factors for achieving sustainability in the water sector and the benefits from the water projects. On this basis are outlined opportunities for overcoming the constrains in front of the water projects. The paper presents part of the university scientific research project NID NI 1-7/2015 “Project management of sustainable development in water sector”.


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