• Alexandru Eugen Stătescu Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Economic Cybernetics and Statistics Doctoral School
Keywords: Financial and economic analysis, Revenue, Time series, Adjustment function, Adjusting the model parameters


Economic and financial analysis is a method of knowing the mechanism of formation and modification of the economic phenomena through their decomposition into their component elements and by identifying the factors of influence. The object of the decomposition into elements or factors may be a result (structural analysis), or a change in the result from a basis of comparison (causal analysis).

Revenue is the inflow of economic benefits during the reporting period resulted in the ordinary activity of the company as assets increase or decrease in debt that build equity excluding gains from property company contributions.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze, using statistical research methods, the evolution of the income of a state owned company. For this it will be used the data from the Income and Expense Budget of METROREX S.A. on a 10-year horizon. In order to analyze the time evolution of the enterprise's revenue, it will be used the chronological series analysis methodology, the set of data from the mentioned source (namely the Income and Expense Budget of METROREX SA) and will design an econometric model with a trend and residual variable component.

Time series is a form of orderly presentation of statistical data which reflect the manifestation of phenomena in a given moment or time. In other words, the time series is a sequence of values of an economic indicator or other observed over time, reflecting the process of change and development of a statistical sample in successive periods of time.

Also the purpose of this paper is to build an ARMA model that fits in an appropriate way the evolution of the revenue’s time series.


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