• Jozef Kubás Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovakia
  • Viktor Šoltés Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovakia
  • Katarína Repková Štofková Faculty of Operation and Economy of Transport and Communication, University of Žilina
Keywords: small- and medium-sized enterprises, business environment, private security services


Providing private security is considered a specific type of business service, primarily carried out by small- and medium-sized enterprises. This specific type of business complements the state services in the field of internal security. State institutions support the creation of small- and medium-sized enterprises through targeted subsidies. The principal goal of this paper is to describe the business environment within Slovakia, focusing on small and medium enterprises providing services of private security. The secondary aim of the paper is to explain the support available for such business through subsidies from public authorities. The number of enterprises that provide services of private security, along with the number of their employees, is relevant. The outputs of the paper can be used as part of the analysis of the competitive environment by subsidy applicants who plan to operate in this specific area.


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