• Adem Dreshaj Haxhi Zeka” University, Peja, Kosovo
  • Bedri Millaku Haxhi Zeka” University, Peja, Kosovo
  • Sabiha Shala Haxhi Zeka” University, Peja, Kosovo
  • Afrim Selimaj Haxhi Zeka” University, Peja, Kosovo
  • Halit Shabani Haxhi Zeka” University, Peja, Kosovo
Keywords: Emission, pollution, tourism, sustainability


: Concerns and uncertainty about the life on Earth are constantly growing, today greater than ever before, as a result of human activity. In this regard, the major dangers that threaten our planet include uncontrolled utilization of natural resources, environmental deterioration and environmental pollution over Earth's regenerating possibilities. Whereas, the main causes of pollution are deforestation, erosion, greenhouse gas emissions, poor urban and industrial waste control and uncontrolled mining activities. All of these lead to serious consequences for life on Earth, because of the natural resources of the soil and its capacity to absorb waste gases (CH4), and the release of heavy metals such as Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu, Fe and As, which are the biggest soil pollutants. The Earth is being cemented, and its regenerating capacities are being diminished every day.


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