• Oleg Mihaylov Faculty of Industrial Technology, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Galina Nikolcheva Faculty of Industrial Technology, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Keywords: Fixtures, computer-aided fixture design, solidworks, add-in


Traditionally fixture design processes are costly and time-consuming when carried out manually. To try to reduce the negative features, we are creating a computer-aided fixture design system, integrated in the SolidWorks’ environment. This system uses rule-based reasoning in the form of If-Then-Else rules, incorporated in its VB.NET code. This paper presents our progress in the form of an interactive add-in program for locating parts. This program generates modular fixtures for locating prismatic or cylindrical parts, using rules and mathematical equations. Its usage can shorten the time needed for determining the type and position of every module of the fixture, their assembling, and inspection.


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