• Cristina Andreea Babaita Deaprtment of Mathematics and Computer Science, West University of Timisoara
  • Raluca Moresan Deaprtment of Mathematics and Computer Science, West University of Timisoara
  • Petre Preda Deaprtment of Mathematics and Computer Science, West University of Timisoara
Keywords: Evolution family, Nonuniform exponential stability, Datko method


The asymptotic behavior of the evolution families is a widely interesting topic in mathematics over time. In 1930, O. Perron was the first one who established the connection between the asymptotic behavior of the solution of the homogenous differential equation and the associated non-homogeneous equation, in finite dimensional spaces. Further, the result was extended for infinite dimensional spaces. The case of dynamical systems described by evolution processes was studied by C. Chicone and Y. Latushkin. One of the most remarkable results in the theory of stability of dynamical systems has been obtained by R. Datko in 1970 for the particular case of C0-semigroups. Practically, R. Datko defines a characterization for uniform exponential stability of the C0-semigroups. Later, it was proved that a similar characterization is also valid for two-parameter evolution families.

In this paper we obtain different versions of a well-known theorem of R. Datko for uniform and nonuniform exponential bounded evolution families. More precisely, we obtain theorems that characterize the nonuniform and uniform exponential stability of evolution families with uniform and nonuniform exponential growth. We show that, if we choose K dependent of t0 in the form of Datko's theorem used by C. Stoica and M. Megan, we obtain a result of nonuniform exponential stability, which is no longer possible in the original form of Datko's theorem.

In conclusion, we generalize the results initially obtained by Datko (1972) and Preda and Megan (1985), by presenting some sufficient conditions for the nonuniform exponential stability of evolution families with nonuniform exponential growth.


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