• Rovena Kushta European University of Tirana, Department of Education, Tirana, Albania
Keywords: motivation, workers, Herzberg’s theory, Institutions of Social Care


Motivation of workers is a field of interest to any institution. Motivated workers displaying high levels of satisfaction, or otherwise lack of dissatisfaction, have a positive impact on the overall work performance. The study aims to measure motivation levels and the influence of factors such as motivation-hygiene on satisfaction/dissatisfaction level among workers of social care institutions. A quantitative method of assessment is used. The sample consists of 110 workers. Results show a positive and statistically significant correlation between motivation factors and the levels of satisfaction with work. Responsibility is the selected factor with the biggest impact on satisfaction by the workers of the institutions surveyed. There is a positive but not statistically significant correlation between such factors as hygiene and lack of satisfaction at work. To the workers, the responsible supervisor is the factor with the biggest impact on the lack of satisfaction at work, while administrative policies are calculated as being r (Pearson) = -0.27 and sig = 0.761, which shows that they influence the dissatisfaction levels at work. Therefore institutions must pay attention to motivation strategies with the purpose of increasing satisfaction and thus decreasing dissatisfaction levels at work.


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