Trends And Characteristics Of Innovation World And Russian Economy

Andrey Prigulnyy


Innovative development of Russia is explored in the article as a complex process that reflects the latest trends in the production, stockpiling and use of modern knowledge, priorities of scientific and technological development, changes in the structure and dynamics of the financing, development and implementation of innovative technologies in the public research centers, universities and private sector companies economy, formation of research and innovation policies aimed at making the research and preparation for the future of innovation sphere. The problem is to organize support the positive dynamics of the innovation process. The solution is possible based on the integration efforts of the Russian society to create a system of technological and socio-economic forecasting, select sources of funding long-term priorities of fundamental and applied science, education for constructive solutions to the problems facing Russia. In line with the above priorities, the author examined the key factors that characterize tendenuiyu accelerate the innovative development of the Russian economy: the global growth of knowledge-intensive production of gross domestic product, the priorities of the state scientific and technical policy of the most economically developed countries, strategies for high-tech business leaders.


Innovation development ■ Research intensity ■ Research and technology policies ■ Strategic innovators ■ Innovative leaders

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