Informing The Society About Preschool And Preprimary Education – Education Policy Implementation In Lithuania

Ausra Kazlauskiene, Ramute Gaučaite


Modern society also distinguishes itself by a large information flow that has to be selected according to one’s needs.  A considerable number of researches proved that the spread of information about education is insufficiently efficient, so far the society is too little informed, and there is a lack of information about provided preschool and preprimary education services, in rural areas in particular. Therefore, parents, teachers and other groups of the society, which are either directly or indirectly related to preschool education, cannot use the opportunities provided by this link of education if they are not informed. For this reason it is important to analyse main documents on education of theRepublicofLithuania, to investigate the situation of informing the society about preschool and preprimary education in education policy implementation. The article is based on the content analysis, which generalizes the documents on education policy that regulate informing of the society about preschool and preprimary education inLithuania.

The analysis of the documents on education of the Republic of Lithuania demonstrated that, informing about preschool and preprimary education, focal attention is paid to the target groups that directly participate in  the child’s education processes – parents/foster parents and the staff of the education system. Only the context enables us to presume what information is forwarded to other groups of the society that indirectly participate in children’s education processes. Such situation may be influenced by the approach consolidated in the documents on education of theRepublicofLithuaniaabout preschool education as an intermediate, transitional link between the family and the school; it is sought “to prove parents and the society the efficiency and necessity of qualified children’s education”. It is likely that the lack of systematic attitude towards informing various societal groups as potential social partners about children’s education and care at the legal level will limit the possibilities both of practical creation of the informing system and its functioning.


Education Policy, Preschool Education, Informing The Society

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