On The Theory Of Bending Of A Thick Orthotropic Plate Without Consideration Of Simplifying Hypothesis

Makhamatali Koraboyevich Usarov


The problem of bending of a thick orthotropic plate is
considered as a three-dimensional problem of the theory of
elasticity. On the basic of the method of expansion of the
solution into the series, a three-dimensional problem is
reduced to two independent two –dimensional problems.
The theory of thick orthotropic plates free from simplified
hypothesis is developed: An analytical solution of equation
is given. Maximum values of displacements and stresses
for upper, middle and lower surfaces of the plate are calculated.


Orthotropic Plate, Theory of Elasticity, Theory of Bending

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12955/snsj.v3i0.286


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