Modeling Unemployment Duration In Czech Republic fro LFS

  • Adam Cabla University of Economics, Prague
Keywords: Unemployment Duration, Interval Censoring, Nonparametric Estimate, Labor Force Survey


The article deals with  the problem of modeling individual unemployment duration in the Czech Republic using data from  the CZSO´s Labour Force Surveys (LFS). Standard approach to  the interval censored data is used and the hypotheses about different survival distributions for  the different groups are tested, thus identifying the more and less endangered strata of the society. Moreover AFT model is used to evaluate the difference between strata. The main aim is to use standard techniques and available software for interval censored data that is outcome from several LFS datasets. Results indicates, that there may be a connection between unemployment duration and sex, marital status, age and handicap status, but  the data were not  adjusted to avoid problems with relationship between explanatory variables. On  the other hand, the data does not  prove connection between unemployment duration and region, education and size of municipality. The first two  were sooner found  as significant covariates and the difference may be due to the more complicated data structure used.


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