Modelling of Conditional Distributions of Wages in the Czech Republic

Ivana Mala


In the text conditional distributions of positive value random variable are studied. The conditions are described by information that the random variable is less or equal to a given value, it is included in a given (finite) interval or greater than a given value. Conditional distribution functions are derived and characteristics of the level and variability are evaluated with the use of numeric methods. The results are applied to monthly gross wages (in CZK) in the Czech Republic in 2008. In the text two models for the probability distribution of wages are used; three parametric lognormal distribution and a mixture of three parametric lognormal densities for men and women. All unknown parameters were estimated with the use of moment method of estimation. Conditional moment and quantile characteristics of location (median, expected value) and variability (quartile deviation, standard deviation, coefficient of variation) are evaluated and given in the tables in order to obtain estimated characteristics and to compare results from different models fitted to the same dataset.


Finite Mixture Of Distribution, Lognormal Distribution, Distribution Of Wages, Income Distributions.

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