Clinical And Factorial Analysis Of Pathological States In Acute Intestinal Infections In Children

Mukarram Shadjalilova


The author reported clinical characteristic features and risk factors for acute intestinal infections in 225 children (140 boys and 85 girls, mean age 1.5 years old). 90 (40%) patients aged up to 12 months, 101 (44.9%) were from 1 to 2 years old, and 34 (15.1%) were more than 2 years old. Most children were hospitalized in the first week of illness and had moderate severe course of disease. Severe forms of illness reliably more often were noted in children being on artificial feeding. Toxic-dystrophic condition, severe forms and perinatal encephalopathy were prevailed in boys. Factorial analysis revealed 20 most significant factors with factorization fullness 70.8%. The most significant factors were F-1(factor of hyperthermia duration) with 8.5% effect, F-2 (factor of pain syndrome) – 5.8%, F-3 (factor of normal enzymatic activity of colon bacillus) – 4.9%, F-4 (etiological factor) – 4.6%, as well as F-5(factor of opportunistic flora of the intestine) – 4.4%, respectively.


Acute Intestinal Infection, Children, Factorial Analysis

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