The Role Of Lymphodissection In Rectal Cancer Surgery

S Navruzov, S Abdujapparov, E Akbarov, B Navruzov, H Islamov


Aim of investigation: to study immediate and remote results of standard and extended lymphodissection in patients with rectal cancer. 

Material and methods:  132 patients with rectal cancer were performed radical surgery with lymphodissection in D2   and D volume according to a height of tumor location.

 Results: in immediate post-operated period there were noted complications in 4 patients that made up 3,03%. Observation time was 5 years. Tumor recurrence was reported in 5 patients (3,8%).  In remote period metastases were revealed in 8 patients (6,6%).  5- year total survival rate was  78,5±4,2% at stage II.  5- year total survival rate was 56,4±3,7% at stage III.  Comparing the results of standard and extended lymphodissection it was noted statistically authentic increase of 5- year survival rate in patients at stage III.

 Conclusion: obtained data allow to come to the conclusion about reasonability of performance of different variants of lymphodissection for patients with rectal cancer at stages II and III. 


Lymphodissection, Standard, Extended, Low And Ultralow Colorectal Anastomoses, Rectal Cancer

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