Individual Approach In Treatment Of Advanced Stomach Cancer

  • D Juraev National Research Centre of Oncology, Tashkent
  • M Egamberdiev National Research Centre of Oncology, Tashkent
  • S Khudayorov National Research Centre of Oncology, Tashkent
  • N Tuyev National Research Centre of Oncology, Tashkent
Keywords: Stomach Cancer, Chemotherapy, Target Therapy


Background: To study efficiency of the combined treatment of advanced gastric cancer with inclusion Trastuzumab.

Material: We present the intermediate analysis of the use of target therapy with Trastuzumab in patients with a HER2-positive gastric cancer. Up to 01.10.2009y 118 patients have been tested for HER-2 expression, and in 24 gastric cancer patients it is revealed HER2-positive status of tumor. It is lead chemotherapy to all patients by the PLF regimen and Herceptin in doze 6 mg/kg once in 3 weeks (6 cycles). In control group in 26 patients it is lead only chemotherapy by the PLF regimen once in 3 weeks without addition Trastuzumab (6 cycles).

Results:  At the moment of the analysis of preliminary data, the median remission duration in compared groups has made 8.3 months, and 5.2 months, accordingly.

Conclusion: At advanced gastric cancer with high level HER-2 expression Trastuzumab increases frequency of objective effect and the median remission duration.


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