Priority Guidelines Of The Service Sphere Development In Uzbekistan

  • Bakhtiyor Safarov Tashkent State University of Economics
Keywords: Services, government, dispersed markets, compact market, service complex.


The present research article is devoted to study the priorities of service sphere development in Uzbekistan. The comparative analysis of service sphere development during 1996-2009 were presented, survey of disperse territories, analysis and generalization methods used to identify trends in services sphere. Disperse markets were grouped into markets with high, medium and low development level.  Retail trade is identified one of the most important components of service sphere in Uzbekistan. Retail turnover figures were predicted until 2013 used retrospective data for forecasting. Linear trend - trends of increase or decrease of index, visual analysis of time series dynamics(graphic presentation) were used to solve the studied problem. Main priorities and targets in service sphere in Uzbekistan and it’s role in economy were determined.


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