The Size Is Matter: Farm Land Optimization In Bukhara

  • Ilkhom Jumaev Bukhara Institute of Food and Light Industry Technology
Keywords: Farm, total sales, land plot optimization, average productivity, economic efficiency, land productivity, optimal model, global integration process


The efficient utilization of resources and effective functioning of farms in most cases dependent from the size of land plots allotted to them the research found. This research scientifically justifies the reduction of number of farms from 6,693 to 2,465 in Bukhra region using the economic and mathematical methods. Comparative analysis of indicators for the neighboring Khorezm and Ferghana region is conducted using the case method, and foreign experience in this area (Holland, France, USA, Italy) has been studied. Several factors have been researched and econometric models have been developed (using the multifactor function) to establish the most suitable average size of land prolts for Bukhara region (which is 60-70ha).


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