Transformation of the taxation system and its influence on enterprise development in the Republic of

  • Furkat Bazarov Tashkent Institute of Finance
Keywords: Public Prosperity, Economic Growth, Investments, Circulating Assets, VAT, Profit Tax, Unified Tax Payment, Off-Budget Pension Fund, Road Fund


The research studies impacts of new tax changes to the small businesses, unemployment and to economic growth in Uzbekistan. The study shows that the tax policy directed on perfection of tax mechanisms, reduction of tax rates aimed to raise economic efficiency of manufacturing and increasing individual income. As a result from year to year the tax burden is reduced and the taxation order becomes simpler. Empirical analysis shows that only for last seven years the general tax burden in economy was reduced with 40 to 27 percent. The author found problems existing in small business taxation and generalizes recommendations for simplification of tax system and tax administration. 


The State committee of Republic Uzbekistan on statistics

The Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008. – Т: CER, 2009