• Artur Kotchetkov Chief Expert, Quality Management Department, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Keywords: hierarchical structure, management efficiency, organizational cost, market institute, multidimensional organization


The assessment of hierarchical structures has long been under examination by scientists for more than a hundred years.  Hierarchical structures are significantly associated with effective management and bureaucratic decisions making.  A wide range of problems exists on this subject, including the analysis of the most applied management models at the enterprises.  These models describe hierarchical structures, and also permit the reduction in management expenses.  Methodological basis of the real research are classical concepts presented in different branches of the management theory.  The real research is based on methods of the functional and structural analysis, as well as on empirical observation method.

Adequate evaluation of hierarchical structures enables an achievement in efficiency of enterprise management.  The importance of the research findings comprises the presented recommendations and in a new approach of  hierarchical structures assessment.  These results can be used by market-related institutes, e.g. insurance companies, banking institutions, auditor companies, etc.


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