• Ulash Umarov Tashkent Higher military-technical school of Ministry of Internal Affair of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Keywords: agriculture legislation, increasing production, competitive market, diversity


One of the main sources of providing economic growth of agriculture and maintenance welfare life of population of Uzbekistan is required to develop step-by-step legislation. It regulates legal relations linked with calculations in agriculture and constantly its legal basis by virtue of theory, studies and principles of civil law according to the frames of reforms.

The main goal of providing social-economic reforms in agriculture of Uzbekistan is to hardly continue maintaining successful life of country, and apropos of this increasing the size of producing in agriculture which based on competitive market, widening new range of production. Uninterruptedly continuing the strategy of economic reforms directed to provide successfully execution of governmental programs which aimed to develop diversified farm enterprise – studying legal problems of civil legal regulation of social-economic and investments relations play the main role based on calculations of current industry.


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