• EMMANUEL BRUNO  ONGO NKOA Department of Economics and Management, University of Buea
Keywords: Foreign direct investment, economic growth, human capital, CEMAC, panel data


The aim of this research work is to assess the influence of FDI on economic growth in the CEMAC region. The ratio of FDIs in the actual GDP of countries of the CEMAC region has recorded a steady annual increase for the past three decades. Moreover, the high variability of FDI, given the various crises and fluctuations in the prices of raw materials invites us to reflect and question the impact of FDI on growth by studying the case of CEMAC countries. The theoretical analysis is based on the neoclassical growth theory and its extensions. After the selection of a model crafted from Imoudu (2012) and Boreinsztein et al. (1998). The results show that FDI have a positive impact on the growth of the sub-region and these are conveyed by human capital.


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