Perspective Directions Of Innovative Management In The Conditions Of The Russian Economy

  • Natalia Petrovna Golubetskaya
Keywords: Innovations, management, stable development of organization


Innovative development of economy is a necessary condition for increase of competitiveness ofRussia. Organization change should pass consistently taking into account a strategic target of development of the Russian economy as a whole. The analysis of work of the large innovatively focused corporations has shown that an important direction of formation of system of innovative activity inRussiais development of interaction, integration of large, small enterprise structures and educational institutions. Stopping development threatens the organization with the stagnation, therefore each organization the plans for development directed on formation of competitive advantages of the organization – strategy are developed. The author analyzes advantages of working out of strategy, the criteria necessary at an estimation of projects within the limits of innovative programs which differ depending on specificity of organizational structure, a skill level of the personnel and efficiency of production as a whole.


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