Innovative Development In Pharmaceutical Industry Of The Russian Federation In The Context Of Globalization

  • Natalia Klunko Sankt-Petersburg Academy Of Management And Economy
Keywords: Pharmaceutical Market, Innovation, Innovative Development, Medicine.


The current development stage of globalization process and market reforms in the industrial sector of the national economy requires from scientists and practitioners to design qualitatively new approaches to formation of the strategic development in different economy branches for geopolitical evaluation of threats and challenges. Technological backwardness in Russia increases comparing to developed countries. The poor participation of Russia in international scientific and technical exchange is explained by inconsistent government policy on development and use of intellectual potential, modernization and improvement of manufacturing industry competitiveness, promotion of high-tech products at foreign markets. Reported problems are observed in the pharmaceutical industry, industrial-technological system, which is now almost destroyed, leading to a critical level of dependence on drug imports. However, the pharmaceutical industry as one of the most high technology industries can lead to innovation development in Russia.


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