Issues Of Labour Potential Growth And Effective Formation Of Employment Structure In Uzbekistan

  • Muyassar Mirzakarimova Dotsent of Economics Department, Fergana Polytechnic Institute
Keywords: Workforce, Skill Level, Demographic, Living Standards, Labour Market


This article studies how to bring the human labour potentials in compliance with the demand in labour market both qualitatively and quantitatively.  Since the early years of the Independence a great attention is being paid to a human factor in Uzbekistan. A human potential is determined by such indicators as population size, their physical and intellectual, spiritual wellness and educational level. Society is related with labour potential growth, demographic processes, degree of public economic activeness. Due to expanded human reproduction, the amount of work resource is increasing.  In the article the impact of demographic condition in Uzbekistan and training system of skilled personnel on labour market was analyzed.  Such research methods as systematic approach, economic analysis, quantity, comparative and structural analysis were broadly used throughout the article.     


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