The New Legal Regime On Minority Shareholder Protection In Albania

  • Jonida Rustemaj University of Tirana,
Keywords: Minority shareholder, Protection, Fiduciary duties


This article aims at introducing the main changes brought by  the new Albanian Company Law on  minority shareholders’ protection. Due to the harmonization of our legislation with the acqui, new pieces of laws were introduced in commercial law. In 2008 the new law “On entrepreneurs and commercial companies” was enacted. The latter introduced new practices and concepts, some of them not  familiar  to  the Albanian  legal  system. I  was motivated  to   write  a  paper on   minority   shareholders protection  in  order to  emphasize  the new regime  and instruments of protection granted by the new laws. A matter which concerns investors and especially foreign ones is the protection of minority  shareholders. This paper discusses the instruments  of  protection  of  minority   shareholders bringing the novelties of the newly introduced laws because of  the unclear regime under the repealed law using the analytical and comparative method. Few rights which  were known by the former Albanian company law were usually compromised, but  under the law in  force, minorities are much more protected. Does the new law strengthen the position of such category of   shareholders?   What  are   the   rights   of   minority shareholders  conferred  by  the  law?  These  and other questions will be addressed herein.


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