From The Idea Of An Innovative Person By Mr. Joseph Alois Schumpeter To A Concept Of Innovative Development Of Socioeconomic Systems

Yuri Persky, Julia Dubrovskaya


The article attempts to extrapolate the innovative key ideas of Joseph Alois Schumpeter for more complex multi­level socioeconomic systems. A hypothesis of  a hierarchical approach to the research study of the innovation development is introduced, which  explains that an “inter­ level interaction” contains an extensive effective potential represented as synergy effects of different kinds which  are reflecting one of the major well­known properties of any system – emergence property. Based on  an econometric modelling of cross­country indicators, a hypothesis confirmation is provided on an example of the local government system as a factor of harmonizing the economic entities interests at different hierarchical levels.


Innovative development, Inter-level interaction, System of local government, Institutions

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