Viewpoints About Potential Stimulation And Possibilities Of Investments On Textile Industry Uzbekistan

  • Shakhrukh Madjidov Tashkent Institute Of Textile And Light Industry
  • Bekhzod Khakimov Tashkent Institute Of Textile And Light Industry
Keywords: Direct investment, Modernization, Export, Textile industry, Silk branch


Uzbek light industry, in particular, the textile sector is one of the strategically  important  and dynamic  sectors of  the national economy. Textile industry of Uzbekistan possesses high  ranks in the sectors directed to exportation, therefore it contains wide specter of export ranging from thread up to ready­made product (made of stockinet, sewing, silk and carpet cloth).  Contemporarily textile industry gains the fifth rank in the gross domestic product contribution and a third of all the workers in the field of industry is occupied in textile. Uzbek light industry still has significant untapped investment potential, all the conditions for  the further rapid growth. Necessary to  increase the production of  goods for  the domestic market to meet the growing needs of the population. This requires investment in  projects for  the production of finished cotton fabrics, blended fabrics, silk fabrics, garments and knitwear for  the establishment of mobile industries with mandatory formation in their composition structures, responsible for design, marketing, quick  changeovers production with fashion and demand.In the foreseeable future for the light industry remains a key role  in  the development  of  industrial  production  in  the country. Experts believe that more needs to  be done to develop the significant potential that lies in the light industry of the country.


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