Changes Of The Concept Of State Finance And Subjects In Sustainability Context

  • Gintaras Èernius Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius,
Keywords: State finance, Sustainability


In a face of global financial crisis that is currently shaking the world, the issue what is the role of a state in its finance management and how  each state influences, or can influence, its finance is extremely relevant.The objective of  this research is to  identify whether the contemporary approach to public finance and its subjects is suitable  for the effective  financial  management at a state level in present conditions. In order to reach the objective, the research shall examine how the contemporary approach to finance limits possibilities of its management; form new concept of state finance involving private and public finance; and define how  the application of  new, broader, social partnership based approach, might  change financial relationship between a state, citizens, and companies, and how   practical  application  of  this  new approach  might contribute to financial stability of a state. Practical application of the research results would  allow saving 2­4  percent on the interest rates for state loans, create better conditions for the development of state economy, and increase financial sustainability of a state.


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